The first Christian Adventure Camp of Sidney First Methodist Church was presented by God and founded by Dr. Ross Wilhide in 1952. The camp was first held at Camp Evergreen, close to Sidney, August 19 through 23, with approximately 150 campers and faculty.  The age was fifth grade through twelfth grade.  Then in 1953 the camp was moved to Tar Hollow State Park Group Facility and “Tar Hollow Christian Adventure Camp” has remained there ever since. Dr. Wilhide conducted and directed the camp from its institution until his retirement in 1966.  After that time, the camp was promoted and carried on, for the most part, by former campers and staff members who had their training under Dr. Wilhide's leadership.

The Tar Hollow Camp of First Methodist Church is God's Camp.  The idea was first presented by Him.  Each thought that was incorporated in the camp was His thought.  We, who instituted the camp, simply followed the ideas He presented, and they yielded the results that have taken place in the lives of those who have experienced the life of the camp.

Some who have come to the camp have been skeptical, but before the week was over, they had become firm believers. Something had taken place in their lives. Those of us who were responsible for putting God's ideas into the life of the camp simply tried to live the camp motto:  "Jesus first, Others second, Yourself third;" and it was very contagious.

The idea grew into realities; each one it seemed was just supposed to be a part of the camp.  The camp personnel, teachers, supervisors, kitchen staff, and representatives from other nations all seemed to automatically catch the idea and spirit of the camp, carrying it away with them to share it with others wherever they went.

 The traditions of camp are signing the camp plaque by all attendees, Consecration Service in the open-air chapel, the individual camp book, the camp hymn, and a Communion Service.

 Regardless of the changes in staff, schedules, rules and regulations, we of the Tar Hollow Committee and staff look forward to future camps, steadfastly believing there is a . . . "Sweet, Sweet Spirit in this place, and we know that it's the Spirit of the Lord!"

Past Camp Directors

Dr. Wilhide 1952-1966 (14 years)

Since 1967 directors have included: